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The sweetest reprieve.... [entries|friends|calendar]
eat your * out

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[26 Feb 2009|11:16am]
im filled with thoughts, i deas, shit, maybe some good stuff too

I have no where else to vent, ive decided to make a new one, and put this one to rest.
If any of you are interested, id really like to start writing again. Id like to get into your heads as well:)


:0( [08 Mar 2007|04:48pm]
I was having so much fun i forgot to think about when it would end...

So of course it did. I was so excited about this car and all of my dads promises and life and yay, but like usual, it got ruined for me. I wish there was a way for me to jst stop thinking for a little bit but i can't help but wonder what i did to deserve such scumbag parents. One doesn'y care at all and ive convinced myself its better off that way and the other is too whacked-out there really is not point in even talking to him. Even worse than all of that, they are both extremely intelligent and way manipulative.

Oh ummmm, surgery on my ears next month weeeeeeeee, i would be really excited about that if all this shit wasent going on but whatev.


Hungry hungry hippos [19 Jan 2007|01:03pm]
Went to jetsetters last night with jo and the boys.

I love that place sosososos much! Me and jo got hella drunk and danced and broke shit. Woo-hoo!
Also in midst of being trashed i sat down and heart-to-hearted with tony. Well, kinda. I just didn't stop talking but it was nice, we had major convo. Hes totally amazing we'll see....

Oh and Keiths band played... MWAHAHAHAHAH and tylers ex-gf was there. She called me "charlie" my myspace name. What a STALKER!!! She was very very nice though i was just kinda weirded out by that whole shebang. Our waitress was so awesome! Her name was rebecca? What a kick ass broad.
Keiths band was playing, tony got jealous of lesbians checking me out and any boy that i talked to hoo-hum i thought it was very endearing:)

Good night good time yay! And the fair this weekend! I found out it doesn't close early on sundays yaya i can't wait!

Uhhhh, i just remebered i totally had a long conversation with tony about oral sex and various other embarrassing things, yeesh whatev good convo is good convo, its not like im trying to hide anything from him anyway and ive been totally honest to a fault about everything. I want him to know about me.
And i learned some stuff about him too so i got ammo haha.


Dear life... [17 Jan 2007|05:49pm]
Good news people i don't have diabetes!!!

I do have a mild problem with my blood sugar but they say as long as i start eating differently, which sadly means no more pepsi :(, i won't have to take anything for it.
Its good i guess? i have to change my life a little, sometimes you need a little push.
Thank you to everyone that prayed for me, its truely appreciated<3

Fair next weekend?!? I really want to go, its hard to find a day when we all have off. So far its jo, Zak, Tony, and meybe Mike? The more the merrier!

Oh me and the boy have been dating Like a month and change... Its off to a good start, its still kinda weird being in a relationship but hey, its pretty swell too:)
I've been talking to someone who has made it very clear she hated me, and now not so much, and says she can handle being around me?
I don't know what to think of that. Me abnd this person were quite good friends at one point, Now im not sure i want her around me. Sigh, i dunno she bothers me though, im not sure how maturely i can handle it....Hmmmm...

Life is neato, im still job and carless, but whatev.
Off to class with me hey!

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Diabetes? [12 Jan 2007|03:07pm]
I went to the doctor today and he said i might have diabetes...
I get my blood tests back soon but heres hoping...


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So not stoked... [04 Jan 2007|12:18am]
[ mood | confused ]

Bout life..

Managed to make the best out of the holidays, i spent most of my time in Jupiter/West palm and it was great. I miss being around good people. Met alot of new friends and saw alot of people that remembered me but not the other way around. My New years was beyond amazing, Tried absinthe, yuk...

Aaaand had a great new years kiss<3

Im trying so hard to be optimistic, my dad has my car, which broke down yesterday. Even if he does give it back i don't have the $$ to fix it. My parents are crazy and im worried about my little sister mare than anything. I try to be the amazing big sister that she wants me to be, i dont curse in front of her and talk to her about everything. I try to give good advice and even change things about my life hoping she will see and want to follow suit. Shes setting herself up for a hard life...

Schools about to start and im not ready at all, I need that car to function, i dont/ cant fuck up again and i cant get stuck here.

I keep going through moods of being slap-happy about all the little things to completely hopeless...

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PARTY! [22 Aug 2006|01:46pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Please come! Lemme know if you want to

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Sigh.. Old news, good, and bad. [17 Aug 2006|03:55am]
Sometimes i really hate looking at other peoples myspaces and lj's. Two people really that just want me to feel bad? I dunno it seems like it.
I don't even have the time to worry or care about it anymore. But fleeting memories and forgotten dreams are just as painful.

I had a really bad dream last night, it made me so unhappy.

I thought for a bit that this lovely house was not going to be mine, but shan and i decided on a big party to help raise money for one of the girls. I just told her about it and her reaction and smile made me feel like i was really doing something right.

I'm waiting for the boy to come home, i hope hes being good. I can't sleep alone anymore, the whole sitch is kinda lame but i dunno, i want to give it a chance.
Oh btw, in case you were wondering, its a bad pik, but this is the boy ive been talking about.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The end

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Amazing looooong weeeeekend! [15 Aug 2006|02:14pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

This weekend completely turned my life around. So much shit has happened to me in the last 2 weeks, i was glad my karma turned around.

Wednesday: Ritche's lingerie party slash shannons b-day. It was fun, but inconclusive.
Four sets of tits will get you out of ANYTHING. We got stopped for running a red light but the two male cops let us off with just paying like 7 bucks or something for a copy of insurance. so we get to the party like 15 minutes before Shannon turns 19 and she manages to pound like 4 beers before the clock strikes 12. I love her.

Thursday: Just hung out, chill ass day. Anna and Brianna visited and we planned to go downtown for shannies b-day. She wound up staying at Jd's while me Anna and Bri went downtown. I was livid, i kept getting these texts from luis/dread guy for those of you unaware, saying how much he liked me and then i see him pick this girl Leah. We ended up hanging out the rest of the night. Buuuuut i found out he did a certain illicit substance, i decided i didn't really care about what happened with that after that night.

Friday: Im excited, Fetish party night. I took a roll, i didn't know if i really wanted to or not but i just said fuck it and i did it. I looked badass for this party(Luis was going and i secretly wanted to look smashing mosty because of that)

Party was a no-go. The guys couldn't get in and everyone got pissed. I jumped in a car with Luis and Howie( who was trolling) and we drove like a hour out of the way to go to this party that wound up being AMAZING. I was rolling face and this girl Dana kept blowing me up and doin all this shit, it was so fun, ive never had a bad experiance rolling and this made me miss it. Sigh, me and the boy previously mentioned wound up hanging out again, he had only rolled once before and didnt like it so i kept blowing him up and making sure he had a good time. He let me in on a secret that he was getting jelous anytime someone else touched me....Hmmmm.

Picture this. Its 9 am. Me, Luis, Howie, and Ra Mike are all driving back, drinking warm heine. The sun is shining, reggae is playing, it was so sweeeeet.!

Me and Luis crashed back at my place, the other two were still going buti had to sleep.
Real long story short ive been hanging out with Luis for like 3 days strait. We watched lame movies at his new appt and talked about X-men and star wars and had a few heart to hearts.
There are somethings i dont like about this but for the most part i finally feel like im doing something right, im so happy right now:)

We got the house to, im so impressed with Shannon, if it wasent for her, this wouldn't be happening. She locked it up. The deal i mean, pervs...

I know what i want to do with school now too, things couldn't be better.

<33333 LIFE.

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Two lines. [31 Jul 2006|08:56pm]
[ mood | restless ]

Much more than she bargained for
Heartbeat stops tomarrow
but not the one inside her chest
Flesh consumed
but not from these bones
another me, another life...

Im trying to be happy, my friends make it easier but im just gonna have to get over it.
hakuna matata right?

On lighter notes, me and the goils are all going to see john tucker must die tonight, im not feeling great but in an effort to keep myself busy im down.

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It's been awhile... [23 Jul 2006|05:55pm]
I'm waiting to go play bingo with tits so i thought id update.
School is sweet love life sucks and my friends are awesome. Im almost outta this dump, well atleast i think so. Im kinda upset cause some of the people that said it would be cool have backed down. Since the steve and i thing fell through i started looking for places down here and me and shannon found the PERFECT place. Its so cool and in a good neighborhood and its across the street from a pet shop. Yay! I hope it works out but i dunno. I miss Steve but im trying to have fun we have reggae night on wednesdays and we just got a new drinky-tac-toe with little shot glass x's and oh's. Met a cool guy the other day at a party. Hes beautiful and has waist length dreads. sooooo hot. I sound like a 13 year old but i cant help it. but hes a cool guy so maybe?... i dunno, i just want to stop being sad about the steve thing. ohhhh welll.

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Destroy all monsters. [04 Aug 2005|10:26pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I spent last weekend with Jo, she took me around to some cool vintage and thrift shops, i bought go-go boots. I am awesome. Nothing is exciting anymore...blah blah blah.                                                                                                                                                                Try this out, this shit is b@n@n@s!  It tells you you compatibility with a person you have a crush on, as well as other interesting things.        http://www.Crush007.com/love.cgi?id=1123197512mez                                                                          


Kristina don't know i exist. [19 Mar 2005|02:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I am such an asshole to the people who care about me.
The End.

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I'll show you what I'm made of in three words. [10 Mar 2005|03:34pm]
[ mood | Meow! ]

I feel like i won a medal, yes, i am a fucking cunt. what of it?

I had a Kristen tell me about my dream the other night, looks like things are looking up? i guess, it had ups and downs but she made it sound like the change i have been looking forward to for years is finally coming.
Amen bitches.
Kris is Dandy like Kandy(but not as much as Dan:)!

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Art class is a gas. [08 Feb 2005|07:16pm]
Marco is one of the gayest people i know.Me and kristen always do up in art class -EDIT- im so tired of everyones bullshit, do not talk to me if you have to LIE, or SENSOR yourself. fuck you.

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3, 2, 1, drop... [15 Dec 2004|09:24am]
everything is too silent right now.
i was upset when i came home last nite, my friend said i take things too personally, no, i think everyone else says things too personal.
that hurt.
i dont like being told to leave and i dont like people treating me like shit.
i think im going to quit my job, im starting to be worthless there and everyone knows it. i sit all day and bitch about the new kids but im worse than them. oh well, so much for that.
thank all of you, im glad youre all bent on making my holidays miserable. like i need this shit added on to all the domestic shit right now.
thanks alot.


so i tried it and this is what i got.... [10 Dec 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

catpeople is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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a sad day for metal fans everywhere. [09 Dec 2004|07:37pm]




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...wanna play? [29 Nov 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | chillin yo ]

1. what is your name?
2. are we friends?
3. what is my worst quality?
4. do i hurt you?
5. what do you thinky my favorite color is?
6. would you kiss me?
7. fuck me?
8. hurt me?
9. what are three things that come to mind when im near you?
10. would i make a good wife?
11. would i make a good mother?
12. how do you think ill die?
13. will i know you 5 yrs. from now?
14. what song could you sing to me?
15. do YOU wanna play?

oh, breasts are grand.

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Look, it's been swell, but the swelling's gone down. [25 Nov 2004|04:10pm]
time for a journal change, i not that happy with this background, back to the drawing board,

p.s. if it doesnt work try again, could be me fucking with it.

i went and saw finding neverland with leigh and zak last night, i hate cityplace.....but i love barnes and noble.
tha movie was okay, not the best johnny flick ive eva seen but it was good, it made me leak, it was sad
i also had fun making fun of bad subtitling, HAHHA....well that yeah, and nothing more....my elaborate plans were shat upon by an overwhelming feeling of guilt, jesus im a bad scorpio. but it was so tempting though, ever had a platter of your favorite food preppared oh so beautifully and "oh dont touch this or youll make me cry" you touch it anyway right? i mean youd scarff that whole nukka DOWN!
well, not kris.

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